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Vice President for Research

Portrait of Dr. Gregory F. Ball

Dr. Gregory F. Ball

Vice President for Research

Research Cabinet

Portrait of Denise Clark

Denise Clark

Associate Vice President for Research Administration
Portrait of Eric Chapman

Eric Chapman

Associate Vice President for Research Development
Portrait of Dean Chang

Dean Chang

Chief Innovation Officer and Associate Vice President for Innovation & Entrepreneurship and Economic Development
Portrait of Jeff Snider

Jeff Snider

Director of Operations
Portrait of Ted Knight

Ted Knight

Director of Strategic Initiatives and Special Assistant to the VP for Research
Portrait of Sara Gavin

Sara Gavin

Director of Research Communications

Research Development, Strategy and Outreach

Portrait of John P. Sawyer

John P. Sawyer

Executive Director, Mid-Atlantic Quantum Alliance; Director, Strategic Research Initiatives
Portrait of Cara Kennedy

Cara Kennedy

Senior Proposal Development Manager
Portrait of Jill Bond

Jill Bond

Director of Strategic Foundation Relations for Research Initiatives
Portrait of Katie Rotramel

Katie Rotramel

Project Manager, Grand Challenges Program
Portrait of Gaelle Kolb

Gaelle Kolb

Proposal Development Manager
Portrait of Hana Kabashi

Hana Kabashi

Project Manager
Portrait of Patrick Mendez

Patrick Mendez

Director of Capture Management
Portrait of Amanda Dykema

Amanda Dykema

Proposal Development Manager
Portrait of Michelle Smith

Michelle Smith

Proposal Development Manager
Portrait of Kelly Jiang

Kelly Jiang

Strategic Intelligence Analyst
Portrait of Chad Smith

Chad Smith

Data Visualization and Multimedia Designer
Portrait of Veronica McDougal

Veronica McDougal

Coordinator, Research Development

Research Compliance and Support

Portrait of Beth Brittan-Powell

Beth Brittan-Powell

Director of the Conflict of Interest Office
Portrait of Joseph (Joe) M. Smith

Joseph (Joe) M. Smith

Director, Human Research Protection Program
Portrait of Adam Grant

Adam Grant

Director, Research Security Office
Portrait of Pamela Lanford

Pamela Lanford

Director of Animal Research Support & Manager, Institutional Care and Use Committee (IACUC)
Portrait of Shannon Stutler

Shannon Stutler

Interim University Attending Veterinarian
Portrait of Reka Montfort

Reka Montfort

Director, Research Transparency and Outreach
Portrait of Dr. Catherine Carr

Dr. Catherine Carr

Chair, Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)
Portrait of Patrick O'Shea

Patrick O'Shea

Chair, Conflict of Interest
Portrait of Dr. Robert Dooling

Dr. Robert Dooling

Chair, Intellectual Property
Portrait of Philip DeShong

Philip DeShong

Chief Compliance Officer


Portrait of Adrienne Newman

Adrienne Newman

Business Manager
Portrait of Brian Kroutil

Brian Kroutil

Assistant Director, Information Technology
Portrait of Theresa Grimley

Theresa Grimley

Business Services Specialist
Portrait of Nanette Rode

Nanette Rode

Business Service Specialist

Office of Research Administration (ORA)

Portrait of Wendy Montgomery

Wendy Montgomery

Assistant Vice President, Office of Research Administration

Sponsored Programs, Accounting and Compliance

Portrait of Debra Murray

Debra Murray

Interim Assistant Vice President, Sponsored Programs Accounting and Compliance


Portrait of Steve Dowdy

Steve Dowdy

Director of Research Information Systems & Integration
Portrait of Christina Nobleman

Christina Nobleman

Director, Priority Software System


Portrait of Sammy Popat

Sammy Popat

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Catalyst

Select Institutes and Centers (Reporting to Division of Research)

Portrait of Craig Lawrence

Craig Lawrence

Interim Executive Director, Applied Research Laboratory for Intelligence and Security
Portrait of Amy Pate

Amy Pate

Executive Director and Research Director, National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START)
Portrait of Lora M. Brown

Lora M. Brown

Interim Executive Director, Maryland Small Business Development Center
Portrait of Allen Fawcett

Allen Fawcett

Director, Joint Global Change Research Institute
Portrait of Stephan Sherman

Stephan Sherman

Acting Director, Institute for Governmental Service and Research
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