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Meet the IRB Staff

Institutional Review Board ∙ ∙ 301-405-4212 ∙ 1204 Marie Mount Hall ∙ Hours: 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Portrait of Joseph (Joe) M. Smith

Joseph (Joe) M. Smith

Director, Human Research Protection Program
Portrait of Dawn Roy

Dawn Roy

Senior IRB Analyst
Portrait of Jenn Blackburn

Jenn Blackburn

Quality Assurance Program Manager
Portrait of Vidhi Rami

Vidhi Rami

IRB Specialist - Reliance Agreements
Portrait of Samantha (Sam) Martocci

Samantha (Sam) Martocci

IRB Specialist - Education and Improvement
Portrait of Steven E. Smathers

Steven E. Smathers

IRB Analyst
Portrait of Mireia Toda Cosi

Mireia Toda Cosi

Graduate Assistant
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