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Opportunities to Participate in Research Studies

The University of Maryland researchers offer opportunities to the campus and the surrounding community to participate in research studies. These opportunities are posted regularly below. Please click on each opportunity to see a full description of the opportunity, eligibility requirements, and contact information and instructions on how to apply to participate. If you are a UMD staff member or faculty researcher and wish to post an opportunity to participate in a research study on this webpage, please complete this form.

Gut Microbial Metabolites Of Apple Polyphenols (GutMMAP) Study

Research Study Description:
The purpose of this research project is to better understand how individuals respond differently to nutrients in the diet based on the differences in normal bacteria that live in people’s guts (microbiomes). It is possible that differences in the types of bacteria in the gut may influence and explain the different health benefits experienced by different people eating similar foods. By recording what foods are eaten and examining urine samples during Phase 1, we will be able to determine and classify individuals by their type of microbiome. We will recruit a subset of participants back to participate in a controlled diet study in Phase 2.

Eligibility Requirements (include screening survey link):
To be eligible to participate, you must be between the ages of 18-45 years old, have a body mass index (BMI) between 18.5 – 40 kg/m2, agree to consume the study foods and beverages as provided, are willing to avoid tea and chocolate for 4 weeks, agree to provide urine and stool samples on 4 occasions according to the study schedule, and are not planning to move within the next year. Individuals who have known allergic reactions to any components of the foods or beverages in the study diet (soy, wheat, dairy, peanut, tree nut, apples, or eggs), have any history of anaphylactic food allergy, have a current diagnosis of kidney, liver, or gastrointestinal condition or a history of stroke, are pregnant or currently breastfeeding or planning to become pregnant in the next year or are within 3 months post-partum, have used antibiotics in the last month, or are currently, regularly using antacids or acid reducers are not eligible to participate in this research study. 

Language Requirements / Open to Multilingual Participants: English

Compensation for Participants:
$30 compensation. If selected for the follow-up study, an additional $250.

Participants Are Needed Starting January 2024

Accepting Participants Until June 30, 2024

See Study Flyer

Contact Us for More Information on How to Participate:

Research Study Description:

This is an fMRI study investigating the brain basis of reading in collaboration with University of Maryland College Park and Rutgers University. If interested, we will have you fill out a prescreening form, then do a short reading activity. Then, if eligible to proceed, we will be in touch to confirm your MRI eligibility and discuss scheduling the main study visits. This would involve two appointments at the University of Maryland, College Park. You would first have the fMRI scan appointment at the Maryland Neuroimaging Center, which is just outside of campus, in which you would be scanned while reading words aloud. The scan itself will take about 2 hours. Then, you would come in for a 2 and a half hour behavioral appointment at the Benjamin Building and complete activities related to reading and language knowledge. You would be compensated $75 after completing the entire study, and you will receive a picture of your brain! While we can't promise it, we are working on possibly 3D printing brains as a prize as well. If you are interested, please fill out the prescreening form that will be sent to you via email. Please complete this all in one sitting, as the survey will time out after some time. Note that while this process is starting now, due to schedule limitations, these appointments may not be scheduled very soon relative to this email, but we are excited to have you participate regardless, if you're interested! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.

Contact: Sydni Sobers, Faculty Specialist/Lab Manager


Phone Number: ‪(301) 683-7293‬, (240) 472-1118

Department/Center Affiliation: Psychology Department

PI First Name: Donald Bolger

PI Department/Center Affiliation: Department of Education

IRB Protocol #: 383882-19

Eligibility Requirements:, Between ages 18-35 (DOB year ~ 1987 - 2004) First/Native Language = ENGLISH Not Claustrophobic No Autism Spectrum Disorder No concussions or recent head injuries with loss of consciousness No seizures No fainting spells No treatment for alcohol or drug abuse No metal in your body including braces, permanent retainers, non-removable jewelry No vision issues, astigmatism and glasses OK No pregnancy No hearing loss

Language Requirements: Learned English before the age of 5

Compensation for Participants: $75

Date(s) Participants Are Needed: Starting 10/2/2023

Opportunity Open Until: 7/6/2024

How to Participate in the Study: Please email for the prescreening link

NTR Research Study



The members of the Resilient Adaptation across Culture and Context (RACC) Lab at UMD-College Park are conducting a research study investigating Latinx undergraduate students' life experiences. The Purpose of this study is to examine how negative life events and cultural values may be related to parent-child relationship quality and mental health in Latinx undergraduate students. Eligible participants will fill out an online questionnaire with a series of questions asking about life experiences, cultural values, and mental health (~25 minutes). Participants will be given the choice to receive a $5 Amazon gift card upon completion of the survey via email or receive credit through the psychology SONA system at the University of Maryland as compensation. 

Eligibility to participate: 

  • Are between 18 and 25 years old 
  • Undergraduate Student at UMD 
  • Identify as Latinx (Latin American, Central/South American, Caribbean, Afro-Latinx) 

If you meet these criteria and are interested in participating in this study, please use the link provided below or register through the SONA system to take the questionnaire.



IRB protocol #:1977047-1 

Opportunity to Participate in Flu Research Study (January 2023)

Opportunity to Participate in Research Study

Compensation for particpation is up to $1,000 for qualified volunteers. Visit:

Learn more about this study here.

Researchers often offer paid research opportunities through UMD's SONA System. Participants can sign up for these studies through the SONA system.

Opportunities to Participate in Research Studies for Athletes

Campus and select external researchers offer opportunities to the campus athletic community (e.g. recreational, intramural, club, varsity) to participate in research studies. These opportunities are posted regularly below. Please click on each to see a full description of the opportunity, eligibility requirements, contact information, and instructions on how to apply to participate. These are completely voluntary. If you are a University of Maryland staff member, faculty researcher, or researcher from another University, and wish to post an opportunity to participate in a research study on this webpage, please complete this form.

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