IRB Liaisons

What is an IRB liaison?

An IRB liaison (or department representative) is responsible for administratively reviewing all initial applications prior to their submission to the IRB for review. This includes ensuring that the following is included in a protocol prior to submitting to the IRB: appropriate signatures, all required documents, and proper training records.

What does an IRB liaison look for during the review?

The review of an IRB liaison includes ensuring that all necessary components of your initial application are complete. Please use this checklist to ensure that all required items are included prior to sharing the project with your IRB liaison.

How to Sign as a Liaison - Quick Reference

Why do I need my IRB liaison?

By conducting an administrative review of the submitted documents, the IRB liaison review can facilitate a quicker turnover from submission to approval. When components of applications are missing, the time it takes to approve a project significantly increases.

PLEASE NOTE: The liaison is not required to sign any subsequent amendments or continuing reviews.

What if my department does not have a liaison?

If you do not see an IRB liaison listed for your department, please contact your Department Chair to act in this role for your submission. If a department wishes to add or change an IRB liaison, please contact Jenn Blackburn at


College of Agriculture and Natural Resources Back to Top

Department Liaison
Agricultural & Resource Economics

Neslihan Uler

Ruba Abukhdeir

Kia Matthews

Nutrition & Food Science Nadine Sahyoun
Plant Science & Landscape Architecture John Erwin
University of Maryland Extension  Chenzi Wang



School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation Back to Top

Department Liaison
Architecture, Planning, and Preservation Casey Dawkins
Gerrit Knapp (alternate)



College of Arts and Humanities Back to Top

Department Liaison
American Studies Rob Chester
Communication Nick Joyce
Shawn Parry Giles (alternate)
English Kevin Nesline
Linguistics Jeffrey Lidz
Music Kenneth Elpus
School of Languages, Literatures & Cultures Kira Gor
Steven Ross (alternate)
Theatre, Dance & Performance Studies Leslie Felbain
Women's Studies TBD
MD Institute for Technology in the Humanities Grace Babukiika



College of Behavioral and Social Sciences Back to Top

Department Liaison

Andrea Lopez

Kathryn Lafrenz Samuels 

Michael Paolisso

Criminology & Criminal Justice Min Xie
Economics Katharine Abraham
Yusufcan Masatlioglu
Geographical Sciences Julia Silva
Government & Politics James M.Glass
Antoine Banks (alternate)
Hearing & Speech Sciences Yi Ting Huang
Nan Bernstein Ratner (alternate)
Joint Program in Survey Methodology

Yan Li

Frauke Kreuter (alternate)

Stanley Presser  (alternate)


Tracy Riggins (Developmental and SDOS)

Jen Herberbolz (CNS, PTK faculty and PSYC affiliates)

Edward Bernat (Clinical and Counseling)

Sociology Alan Neustadtl
Joan Kahn (alternate)



Robert H. Smith School of Business Back to Top

Department Liaison
Decision & Information Sciences, Marketing, Operations Management Ali Faraji-Rad
Accounting, Finance, Management & Organization Nicholas Seybert
Office of Transformational Learning Doireann Reanzi



College of Computer, Mathematical and Natural Sciences Back to Top

Department Liaison
Cell, Biology & Molecular Genetics Vincent Lee
Computer Science Sharron McElroy
Physics TBD



College of Education Back to Top

Department Liaison
Counseling, Higher Education & Special Education Susan De La Paz
Ellen Fabian
Sharon Fries-Britt
Human Development & Quantitative Methodology DJ Bolger
Teaching, Learning, Policy & Leadership Janet Walkoe



A. James Clark School of Engineering Back to Top

Department Liaison
Fischell Department of Bioengineering Teresa Moore
Institute for Systems Research Ally Delgado
All other Engineering Departments Jelena Srebric



Philip Merrill College of Journalism Back to Top

Department Liaison
Journalism Linda Steiner
Ronald Yaros



College of Information Studies Back to Top

Department Liaison
Library & Information Studies Luis Alfredo Cortes
Susan Winter (alternate)



School of Public Health Back to Top

Department Liaison
Behavioral & Community Health

Kirsten Stoebenau

Alice Horowitz

Cynthia Baur

Center for Health Equity Mary Alice Garza
Center for Health Literacy Dushanka Kleinman
Epidemiology & Biostatistics Cher Dallal
Family Science Mona Mittal
Health Services Administration Luisa Franzini

J Carson Smith

Ross Miller (alternate)

Maryland Institute for Applied Environmental Health Donald Milton



Research Centers and Institutes Back to Top

Department Liaison
Applied Research Laboratory for Intelligence and Security (ARLIS)

Pamela Castleberry

Meredith Hughes (alternate)

Earth System Science Interdisciplinary center (ESSIC)

June Sherer

Institute for Governmental Service & Research Richard Engstrom
Maryland Population Research Center

Michael Rendall

Sangeetha Madhavan (alternate)

Andres Villareal (alternate)

National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START) Amy Pate
Neuroscience and Cognitive Science (NACS) Program Tracy Riggins
Teaching and Learning Transformation Center (TLTC) Tami Kopischke Smith
University of Maryland Center for Environmental Sciences Angela Richmond



Campus Programs and Centers Back to Top

Department Liaison
Advanced Cybersecurity Experience for Students (ACES) Jake Bremerman
Division of Information Technology Marcio Oliveira
Gemstone Kristan Skendall
Frank Coale (alternate)
Honors College Traci Dula
Honors Humanities Yvonne Slosarski
Libraries Gary White
Daniel Mack
Marine-Estuarine Environmental Sciences (MEES) Elizabeth Van Dolah
Stamp Student Union & Campus Programs) Sophie Tullier
Undergraduate Studies Douglas A. Roberts
University Counseling Center Yu-Wei Wang



School of Public Policy Back to Top

Department Liaison
Public Policy Philip Joyce



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