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The following text below provides detailed information for each of the following roles: 

Reporter: Disclose
The individual submitting the COI disclosure, typically includes faculty members, researchers, research staff, and graduate students.   

Unit Head/Chair/Director/Dean: Thoughtful Review
Responsible for completing a thoughtful review of the disclosure, using situational awareness 

COI Committee: Performs Advanced Review
Appointed members of UMD community responsible for performing an advanced review of COI disclosures.

Viewer: Unit Level View Access for Department/College Administrators

  • Individuals who need to be able to access and/or view the disclosure and/or management plan.  
  • May consist of Director of Administrative Services, College Business Officers, ORA, and/or COI Committee Members. 
  • Go to UMD COI Access Request. Click new and fill out the information. You will need to sign the KCOI confidentiality statement and attach it in the request. Multiple viewer requests can be made in a single form. When complete, hit save, and submit. The form will be routed automatically to your chair and/or dean for approval. Once approved, the COI Administrators will provide access. Once you are granted view access, click here for instructions on how to view disclosures.
  • Please include your Chair or Dean's name as the approver for your request.
  • If you selected Department, please add the department code(s) for any sub-units you would like View Access to.
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