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The COI process can require additional activities be performed in order to complete a disclosure and receive a final disposition. Some of these activities are listed below, this is not an exhaustive list.

  • Kuali Conflict of Interest (KCOI) disclosure system
    Where you can begin to create/update your disclosure so it can be routed to the appropriate administrators. For additional help, please see the open office hours link.
  • CITI COI Training
    For researchers who must complete training courses or COI refreshers.
  • COI Open Office Hours
    If you need additional help, please feel free to sign up for a time slot. We are more than happy to schedule a time to work with you via zoom during these times.
  • Facilities Use Application
    Kuali Build Facility Use Application builder where you can either begin the process of requesting or renewing an application for facilities here at the University. Please note that any use of space needs to be approved by the appropriate administrators and all non-University entities are required to sign a FUL policy in order to remain in compliance.
  • Office of Research Transparency & Outreach (Consulting)
    Links to University’s Consulting Policy, FAQs, and MOU and Current and Pending updates. For additional help with consulting – reach out to
  • Leave Without Pay (LWOP)
    Links to the University’s policy on Faculty leave and specific UMD relevant guidelines and procedures. This link also provides you with additional information on use of the LWOP system and specifics on eligibility for LWOP.
  • UMD Research Gift Routing
    Links to the Kuali Build Gift Routing form  where all research-related gifts must be routed for review. Please note: All research related gifts (e.g., funding and resources including but not limited to: equipment, materials, software, and other items) must be routed through this form, where offices will review and determine whether these funds are considered a gift or a grant.
  • Office of Research Administration (ORA) Proposal Development
    Links to the Office of Research Administration proposal development webpage where you may find helpful information on submitting research proposals, securing and locating research funding, and guidance for the development process.
  • Proposal Quick Reference Guide
    Direct link to a flow chart prepared by ORA that includes the process for developing, applying, and submitting research proposals to sponsors. Additionally, this sheet has the contact information for commonly asked questions about the grant application process.
  • Federal Agency Disclosure Information (FADI)
    Information regarding disclosure processes for specific federal agencies. Many federal agencies (e.g., NSF, NIH, NASA, DOD, etc.) require additional reporting requirements that frequently change - thus it is essential to stay up-to-date with the most recent reporting requirements.
  • UMD IACUC Office
    Links to the University’s Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) for individuals who engage in research that requires the use of animals. Researchers must remain in compliance with federal regulations set forth for animal care oversight.
  • UMD IRB Office
    Links to the University's Institutional Review Board for all questions related to IRB reviews. This includes IRB policies, timelines, helpful links and pertinent information for the review process.
  • Research Security Office (RSO)
    Links to the UMD Research Security Office (“RSO”) that helps researchers navigate the increasingly complex federal requirements while fostering international collaborations and protecting the integrity of the research enterprise from undue external influence and misappropriation of information.
  • Federal Funding Requirements by Funding Agency
    Links to information regarding reporting additional support when working with particular federal agencies. In addition to disclosing activities (please see Federal Agency Disclosure Information link above), these agencies also require additional disclosure on financial information. These reporting requirements also frequently change.
  • Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR)
    Links to support for small business innovation including how to apply for funding, organizations and awards that offer support, and potentials for federal funding from related agencies. This is a great resource for identifying potential supports for startups, small business, and Federal R&D.
    Links to the National Institute of Health’s information on the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) programs - also known as Small Business Programs or America’s Seed Fund. Here you may find information pertaining to R&D funding for the SBP.
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