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Reporter (discloser)

– the individual submitting the COI disclosure, typically includes faculty members, researchers, research staff, and graduate students. 

Responsible for:

  • Submitting honest and complete disclosures of relevant information related to outside activities.
  • Providing a draft management plan as needed utilizing the COI template (link to template).
    The Disclosure Form will include additional sections, or questions, based on the reporter’s responses. Please be certain to answer all primary and follow-up questions when completing the disclosure. If you need to exit the form and return to it later, click SAVE, and your progress will be saved.
  • After your first submission, you will receive automated email reminders from Kuali COI 60 and 30 days prior to your disclosure expiration date, based on when your disclosure was submitted.
  • Creating a disclosure via KCOI instructions with images (PDF)
  • Updating a disclosure (PDF)

Per the consulting policy, University employees entering into a Consulting or related agreement with an external entity must sign an internal Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the University related to working with external entities and provide a copy of the signed internal MOU, along with any required documentation pertaining to the terms and conditions of the agreement, to the external entity for which the employee is Consulting.

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