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Unit Head/Chair/Director/Dean: Thoughtful Review

Reviewers are responsible for completing a thoughtful review of the disclosure, using situational awareness.

  • Reviewers consist of Department Chairs/Unit Head and College Deans. The disclosure must be reviewed and signed by the Unit Head and Dean of the College/School. If a reporter (discloser) has multiple appointments, the Unit Head of the primary/tenure appointment will coordinate the review of the disclosure with the other units before providing final approval.
  • Reviewers acknowledge that they have read the disclosure, commented, and that all pertinent information, to the best of their knowledge, is disclosed.
  • Individual(s) responsible for reviewing and signing off on the disclosure prior to its submission to the COI Committee.
  • When reviewing a disclosure, it is important to consider the following questions:
    • Do these activities interfere with the individual's commitment to their University responsibilities?
    • Did the activities use University resources more than incidentally?
    • Could the activities be perceived as influencing the individual's, or department's, decision making in University work?
  • Reviewers must provide at least one comment to confirm their review of the disclosure. Examples are provided in the Roles and Responsibilities document.
  • This responsibility CANNOT be delegated.
  • How to Review and Comment on a Disclosure step by step instructions (PDF)
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