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  • Disclosures - When in doubt, disclose.
  • COI/COC Policy applies even if you only have a part-time appointment.
  • All faculty and staff are required to disclose at least annually.
  • Other times disclosure is required:
    • New significant financial interest. Faculty and staff who are involved in sponsored research are subject to research disclosure requirements, which require updates on a rolling basis within 30 days of acquiring (or becoming aware of) a new significant financial interest.
    • New outside activity.  If faculty or staff members initiate a new outside activity that is related to their University of Maryland responsibilities it is prudent to update your disclosure.
    • Submitting a Proposal. Proposals to many Federal Agencies (e.g., PHS, NIH, NSF, USDA, DOE, ARPA-E, other Federal Agencies), Foundations and/or to the Maryland Industrial Partnerships (MIPS) program require an active disclosure on file with UMD. If in doubt, contact the ORA Contract Administrator for your department or the COI Office.
  • Be transparent in the disclosure: More details = fewer iterations.
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