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X-ray Crystallographic Center (XCC)

Facility Location

Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
1526 Chemistry Building (Wing 5)
8051 Regents Drive
University of Maryland
College Park, Maryland 20742-4454

See MAP for direction to XCC.

Brief Mission

X-ray Crystallographic Center provides:

Services and resources as well as training and education for students and researchers in the theory and practice of X-ray Diffraction, Chemical Crystallography and Materials Characterization.

The XCC offers:

State-of-the-Art X-ray Diffraction Facilities; Quality Service and Competitive Rates; Experience & Expertise in filed of Crystallography and Diffraction, Solid State and Materials Chemistry, Pharmaceuticals and other.

The Center performs:

Characterization of materials using non-destructive X-ray diffraction analysis and crystal structure determination from single crystal and polycrystalline (powder) samples at low, ambient or elevated temperature, in open or inert atmosphere.

Hours of Operation

Monday through Friday; from 9 AM to 5 PM (office hours from 1pm to 3pm)

Services and Technologies Offered

Chemical Crystallography: provides single crystal structure determination of variety of inorganic, metal-organic, organic and pharmaceutical compounds, minerals and intermetallics, including absolute structure determination, treatment of mero- and non-merohedral twins, disordered, OD and modulated crystals. New addition of D8Venture system allows also screening of the protein crystals and cooling crystals down to 20K.

Materials Characterization: provides powder X-ray diffraction analysis and characterization of polycrystalline and nano-crystalline materials and thin films, covering phase identification, qualitative and quantitative analysis, amorphous content determination, micro-diffraction and area mapping, samples of any size and shape, crystallite size and micro-strain determination, ab initio indexing and accurate unit cell refinement, crystal structure refinement using the Rietveld method and ab initio structure determination

Advanced Diffraction: provides X-ray diffraction measurements of the reflectivity (XRR) and pole figures from thin films; small angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) from polymers, nanomaterials and macromolecular compounds; X-ray back scattering diffraction (LAUE) for determination of the single crystal orientation.

Equipment Available

  • Bruker D8Venture Duo (Mo and Cu radiation, Photon III detector with variable crystal to detector distance, N-Helix with temp.  range from 20 to 310 K) – see Fig. 1
  • Photonics Laue back scattering system for crystals evaluation and orientation – see Fig. 2
  • Bruker D8 Advance powder diffractometer
    (Cu radiation, 9 position sample changer, 1D position sensitive detector, spinning)
  • Bruker C2/D8 Discover powder diffractometer
    (Cu radiation, XYZ stage, 2D high res. detector, sample of variable size and shape)
  • PANalytical X'pert Pro MRD diffractometer for reflectivity measurement
    (Cu radiation, 4 circle goniometer, parallel beam mirror, low angles > 0.2 deg.)
  • Xenocs Xeuss system for small angle (SAXS) and wide angle (WAXS) X-ray scattering with variable (up to 2.5 m) sample to detector distance equipped with Cu radiation and vacuum and inert gas chamber and low/high temp. stage


Submission page at the XCC center


Peter Y. Zavalij
091 Chemistry Building, Room B0108,
University of Maryland, College Park, MD 20742
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: (301) 405-1861

Facility URL

The X-ray Crystallographic Center page

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