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Glenn L. Martin Wind Tunnel

Facility Location

Wind Tunnel Building, Building 081, Paint Branch Drive

Brief Mission

The mission of the GLM Wind Tunnel includes the following.  The GLMWT team works to advance the level of aerodynamic design of vehicles and other devices by generating appropriate design and development test data.  We advance the state of the art in aerodynamics, fluid mechanics, and closely related disciplines experimental research.  We advance the state of the art in ind tunnel testing methods including modeling arrangements, instrumentation, and increasing the integration of computational capabilities for rapid data presentation and rapid comparison of results of measurements, analyses, and computational simulations. We contribute to the education of undergraduates and graduate students by engaging them in our laboratory work, and by providing our capabilities to support their research projects.  We provide research and development expertise, service,  and education to citizens of the area, state, and nation by being available to companies and government agencies, by hosting visitors and engaging in other activities to enhance and broaden the understanding of the influence of aerodynamics in various human activities.

Hours of Operation

Standard operating hours are 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM Monday through Friday with additional hours frequently provided when demand is high and/or schedules require.

Services and Technologies Offered

The GLMWT provides service to support all aspects of experimental aerodynamics. A user can engage the GLMWT staff to plan experiments to achieve a specified set objectives, design any hardware and software needed, carry out the experiment to acquire the data, and prepare a resulting test report for the user.  More experienced users can conduct any of the necessary preparations with whatever level of consultation with the GLMWT staff is needed, bring the test article to the GLMWT and have the support of the GLMWT staff in conduct of the experiment. In many cases the data is provided to experienced users as the test progresses and the user then prepares the post test reports.
In addition to supporting all aspects of aerodynamic experiments, the GLMWT can arrange for computational simulations to assist in the planning of experiments and the assessment of experimental results.

Equipment Available

The primary equipment is the Glenn L. Martin Wind Tunnel.  The GLMWT is a closed loop solid wall wind tunnel.  The test section is 7'9" high, 11' wide, and 13' long.  The maximum speed is 230 mph with upgrades in planning to bring the maximum speed to 330 mph.  Primary instrumentation provides capability to measure six component forces on test articles ranging from aircraft to ground vehicles, marine vehicles, building components, etc.  Instrumentation includes pressure transducers, temperature transducers, flow visualization equipment, and specialized software for experiment automation, data gathering, and data presentation.


The current charge is $1,125 per occupancy hour for time in the GLMWT.  Engineering consultation, shop services for fabrication and modification, and research assistance is available at competitive rates.


Jewel B. Barlow, Director
2102 Wind Tunnel Building,
University of Maryland,
College Park, MD 20742
Phone: 240-476-3118

Benjamin Strobel, Engineer
Phone: 301-405-6861

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Glenn L. Martin Wind Tunnel

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