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DLAR Imaging Core

Facility Location

6th Floor, A. James Clark Hall
College Park, MD 20742

Brief Mission

The Department of Laboratory Animal Resources Imaging Core (DLARIC) offers state-of-the-art bioimaging equipment and irradiation services to researchers at the University of Maryland, College Park.

The DLARIC was designed as a shared, multimodal bioimaging resource within the Clark Hall vivarium to enhance the University’s research enterprise through cutting edge technology, imaging expertise, training and support. Once fully operational, the DLARIC will serve as a centralized imaging facility for small animal-, tissue- and cell-based research.

Hours of Operation

Instruments are available for use and the DLARIC management team is available to assist and train users from 8 AM to 4:30 PM Monday through Friday.

Services and Technologies Offered

The DLARIC provides researchers with the opportunity to image live animals or fixed, unlabeled or fluorescently-labeled samples using one of several available modalities.

Once fully staffed, services will include training on all imaging equipment, guidance on experimental design and irradiation services for live animals, tissues and cells.

Equipment Available

IVIS Spectrum

This modality provides in vivo bioluminescence and fluorescence imaging that combines 2D and 3D optical tomography in a single platform.

Visualsonics VEVO 3100 micro-ultrasound

This modality provides ultra high-frequency ultrasound combining imaging and quantification in one touchscreen platform.

Olympus multiphoton microscope FVMPE-RS

This two-photon excitation fluorescent microscope enables high-precision imaging of biological specimens to a depth of up to 1mm in living tissue and 8mm in fixed transparent specimens. (This microscope is part of the Olympus Discovery Center partnership; Olympus will provide expert support and training on this equipment and assist with new applications to ensure optimal results.)

GE Healthcare OEC One Mobile C-arm

This modality provides fluoroscopic high-resolution X-ray images in real time.

Bruker Albira PET-SPECT-CT

This trimodal integrative PET/SPECT/CT imaging device allows quantitative 3D tomographic imaging of radiotracers, bone, and soft tissue.

Precision X-Rad 320

This X-ray irradiator is used for cells, tissue and small animals up to rabbits.

Additional Imaging Study Support Equipment

The vivarium also maintains additional anesthesia machines and a dedicated surgical suite for imaging studies requiring intraoperative procedures.


Current rate/fee schedule



Beth Bauer, Director
6106 A J Clark Hall
Phone: 301-405-6235

Betre Legesse, Technical Coordinator
6102 A J Clark Hall
Phone: 301-405-3543

Larry Shelton, University Attending Veterinarian
6110 A J Clark Hall
Phone: 301-405-4920

Facility URL

DLAR Imaging Core

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