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Research Transparency and Outreach

The Office of Research Transparency & Outreach is responsible for the implementation and oversight of the federal, state, and local research-related requirements of several key policies, including the Contractor Code of Business Ethics and Conduct Policy, the University of Maryland Policy on Consulting (II.3.10[E]), and the federal requirements on current and pending (other) support. The Office will also work to build campus awareness of these requirements and policies through training and outreach.

The Director of Research Transparency & Outreach works directly with the campus community to inform, educate, and support its members on issues pertaining to research transparency associated with disclosures, reporting, and post-approval monitoring, as well as reporting requirements associated with current & pending (other) support in federal proposal submissions; implementation of federal, state, and local requirements, such as those stipulated in National Security Presidential Memorandum-33 (NSPM-33), Maryland State Ethics Law, and USM and UMD Policies; and address any questions, concerns, or issues related to the reporting requirements associated with outside professional activities.

To contact the Office of Research Transparency & Outreach, please email us at

As a result of NSPM-33, Federal funding agencies have moved towards standardized forms and materials, along with persistent identifiers for proposal submissions. Some of these standardizations include:

In January 2021, the White House issued the National Security Presidential Memorandum-33 (NSPM-33), which directed federal research agencies to require principal investigators (PIs) and other senior/key personnel to disclose appropriate information that “will enable reliable determinations of whether and where conflicts of interest and commitment exist.” 

In January 2022, the National Science and Technology Council developed the NSPM-33 Implementation Guidance to provide guidance to Federal departments and agencies regarding their implementation of NSPM-33 on National Security Strategy for U.S. Government-Supported Research and Development. 

Researchers are now required to disclose all sources of research funding support in their federal proposal submissions. This includes the following:

Current and pending (other) support is a term generally used by federal agencies to request the submission of information for key personnel’s active and pending review or award research funding. This includes the resources made available to key personnel or other senior staff, in support of and/or related to all of their research efforts, regardless of whether or not they have monetary value. 

The Interim University of Maryland Policy on Consulting (II-3.10[E]) was developed as a result of federal, state, and local requirements, including:

The Conflict of Interest (COI) Office oversees the COI process for UMD. Conflicts of interest can occur when members of the University community are in a position to gain, or appear to gain, financial advantage or personal benefit (broadly construed) arising from their University positions, either through outside professional activities or through their research, administrative, or educational actions or decisions at the University. Because University employees are also State employees, provisions in the Maryland Public Ethics Law and University Policies in regard to outside activities still apply.

The Research Security Office (RSO): research security is ultimately the responsibility of the individual with access to sensitive data or material. The RSO can provide assistance to all faculty/staff to help ensure compliance. RSO provides training and customized guidance to researchers and administrators for all matters concerning export compliance.

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