Export Compliance Office (ECO)

Export Compliance - International Flags

Export Quick Links

Memo on International Research Collaborations

• Instructions for using UMD Box for storing and transmitting export controlled files: Storing and Transmitting EC Data in Box

Memo on Restricted Research and Export Laws.

• I am working with proprietary technical information EC Technical Information Handout

• While information that has been or will be published is typically excluded from export regulations, proprietary technical information may have restrictions preventing it from being shared with foreign nationals.

I need to ship research equipment out of the country.

• An export license may be required to ship certain items to certain locations. The ECO can help determine whether there is a licensing requirement.

I need to travel to a foreign location with my computer or other research equipment.

• Carrying items and information with you during foreign travel constitutes an “export” under US regulations. For certain items to certain locations, an export exemption or license may be required. For international conferences, it is recommended that you only discuss technical information that has been published.

I need to travel to or collaborate with individuals (non-students) from Iran, Syria, Cuba, North Korea, or Sudan

• US Sanctions programs may prohibit certain interactions with these locations. Contact the ECO to learn about specific restrictions.

• I am considering an application for my research in military technology or I need to utilize military items to conduct research.

• Most military technologies are subject to International Traffic in Arms Regulations which have special restrictions on shipping and foreign participation in the research. Unpublished research in military technology areas should not be discussed at foreign conferences.



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