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Grand Challenges: Bridging the Gaps in Satellite Observations of Earth Systems to Support Climate and Environmental Products

Grant Type: Individual Project Grant
Topics: Climate Change
College Represented: CMNS

Grand Challenges Grants Program


The study focuses on the development and delivery of a new, transformative, satellite-based product to support ongoing efforts to better understand and address the state and changes in the Earth’s climate and weather. The outcome will offer an inexpensive solution for transforming the existing geostationary satellite data into an information-rich product that is typically obtained by highly-sophisticated but temporally sparse low-Earth-orbiting sensors. This will help bridge the current spatio-temporal gap in low-Earth-orbiting satellite observations, allowing advancements in monitoring and prediction of climate and weather systems.

PI: Veljko Petkovic (CMNS),
Assistant Research Scientist, ESSIC

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