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Grand Challenges: AFTER: A Hospital Violence Intervention Program For Youth Victims of Gunshot Injury

Community Based Approach To The Development of The Acute Family Treatment and Emergency Reparation (AFTER)

Grant Type: Individual Project Grant
Topics: Social Justice and Health
College Represented: SPHL

Grand Challenges Grants Program


The Acute Family Treatment and Emergency Reparation (A.F.T.E.R.) intervention is a hospital-based, short-term family intervention for youth who have been injured by gunshot.  Partnering with community members, agencies, and hospitals, A.F.T.E.R. supports youth and their families by providing psychoeducation about trauma; addressing the immediate emotional and psychological effects of gunshot injury; increasing families' confidence in their ability to manage post-injury rehabilitation and reentry into the community; fostering strength-based coping skills; and strengthening communication between parents/caretakers and their injured youth.

PI: Rabiatu Barrie (SPHL),
Assistant Professor, Family Science

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