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Grand Challenges: AFTER: A Hospital Violence Intervention Program For Youth Victims of Gunshot Injury

Community Based Approach To The Development of The Acute Family Treatment and Emergency Reparation (AFTER)

Grant Type: Individual Project Grant
Topics: Social Justice and Health
College Represented: SPHL

Grand Challenges Grants Program


The Acute Family Treatment and Emergency Reparation (A.F.T.E.R.) intervention will be a hospital based, short term family intervention for youth who have been injured by gunshot.  Partnering with community members, agencies, and hospitals, the development of A.F.T.E.R. seeks to support youth and their families by providing psychoeducation about trauma; addressing the immediate emotional and psychological effects of gunshot injury; increasing families' confidence in their ability to manage post injury rehabilitation and reentry into the community; fostering strength based coping skills; and strengthening communication between parents/caretakers and their injured youth. If we want to be successful in making community level changes, we must start with the units that makeup communities, and families are vital units in communities.

PI: Rabiatu Barrie (SPHL),
Assistant Professor, Family Science

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