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Grand Challenges: Digital Equity Mapping Research and Training Program

Grant Type: Individual Project Grant
Topics: Social Justice, Ethical, Fair, and Trustworthy Technology
College Represented: ARCH

Grand Challenges Grants Program


COVID-19 exposed the true depth of the digital divide: the gap between people who have access to broadband internet, computers, and digital skills, and those who do not. In some urban communities, digital divides tend to reinforce social and economic disparity and exacerbate existing inequalities, including access to employment and health care. This project is developing a digital equity research and training program in priority neighborhoods in Prince George’s County, Maryland to educate, empower, and benefit community members in describing and prescribing local solutions. In collaboration with community leaders, the project is co-developing and deploying a longitudinal broadband access survey, creating an evolving digital access map to surface digital inequalities, and disseminating information and resources to inform future targeted investments in local neighborhoods.

PI: Tara Burke (ARCH),
Faculty Specialist, Research/Practice

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