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Foreign Scholar Appointments

International Appointment Export Screening

The UMD appointment process includes a check point for the Export Compliance Office to “screen” individuals who are neither a Citizen or Permanent Resident (a.k.a. “Green Card”) of the US to ensure the University is in compliance with any applicable US export laws.  The UMD Export Compliance Office checks the name of the individual and the individual’s foreign employer (if applicable) against a US government database of sanctioned countries, entities, and individuals.  In addition to the database check, the UMD Export Compliance Office reviews that Questionnaire responses.  The purpose of the screening and Questionnaire is to verify that there are no sanctions or export control licensing requirements applicable to the visit.

It is essential that the faculty host, who has knowledge and oversight over the visit, provide the answers to the Questionnaire questions.  If you are entering the request on behalf of the Host, please ensure you keep a record of the responses that they have provided. 

Foreign Visitors Who Do Not Require Screening

An International Appointment Export Screening is not required for students or short-term visitors such as speakers or conference guests unless they need a PHR appointment for work or unescorted lab access.

When to Request Foreign Visitor Screening

The ECO must approve the foreign visitor request before the department sends an invitation to the foreign visitor, submits an unpaid or paid appointment to the PHR system, and before OIS applies for a visa.  The screening request can be submitted as soon as the unit has obtained the information required by the Questionnaire.

How to Submit a Foreign Visit Request

Please submit the ECO screening request on this Google form.  Access to the form requires a UMD Directory login.

In order to complete this form, you will need the following information for the visitor:

-Individual demographic information;

-Current employer information (where applicable);

-Outside sources of funding supporting visit (i.e. salary, grants, scholarships, etc.);

-Anticipated visit dates;

-Scope of work including any research under UMD contracts or grants;

Please allow a three workday turnaround time for processing. The UMD Export Compliance Office may require additional time if there is an issue with the individual or entity screened.

Please send questions and requests to expedite the screening process to export[at]


How will I know if the Foreign Visit Request is Approved?

The UMD Export Compliance Office will send the requestor an email when the screening is complete and approved.  This approval date can be used in PHR.

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