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When to Use KCOI

When do I use Kuali Conflict of Interest?

The need to use Kuali Conflict of Interest (KCOI) platform is triggered by the submission of a proposal in Kuali Research (KR).

  • Investigator Certification question within KR: I have a real or potential conflict of interest related to this work or sponsor, as defined by the University System of Maryland Policy (III-1.11) and will disclose the conflict as required by those policies and procedures.
  • Investigator Certification question - PHS Sponsor question: I attest that this proposal will be submitted to a Public Health Service sponsor/prime sponsor, or a sponsor which follows the PHS Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI) reporting guidelines and all individuals responsible for the design, conduct, and reporting of the project have, or will, complete his/her Financial Conflict of Interest disclosure in accordance with the University and PHS policies.

Did you answer YES to either question? → You MUST go into KCOI  and complete your disclosure. If you answer NO, you do NOT need to access KCOI.  Note: If you have already completed a disclosure within the last 365 days and the circumstances have NOT changed, you do NOT need to go to KCOI.  The system will automatically remind you when your disclosure approaches the 365 day update requirement.

Are you submitting a proposal for ARPA-E?

Project Teams are required to disclose any actual or apparent personal, organizational, financial, and other conflicts of interest within the project team in the Business Assurances & Disclosures Form as part of a complete Full Application and throughout the duration of the period of performance if selected by ARPA-E for award negotiations.

Do you have a Maryland Industrial Partnerships (MIPS) award?

If the proposed MIPS project is awarded by MIPS, the faculty member or other university employee who has the conflict must submit a formal Conflict of Interest Disclosure via KCOI Module. The resulting Conflict of Interest Management Plan/Resolution must be approved by the UMD President prior to the start of the MIPS project.

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