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Partnership Overview: National Park Service

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In 2013, the University of Maryland and National Park Service (NPS) signed a cooperative agreement to expand their collaborations and advance a strategic partnership between the two organizations, including the sharing of expertise, personnel, resources, and facilities. Through this cooperative relationship, NPS and UMD will work together to advance collaborative research initiatives in key areas of mutual interest and promote opportunities for talented UMD students for internships and employment at NPS.  NPS and UMD will advance their partnership in the following key areas: The Future of Information, Climate Change Response, Social Sciences and Anthropology, Criminology, Risk Management and Risk Communications, Environmental Science and the Impact of Human Development , Engineering, Architecture, and Sustainable Buildings, Diversity, Education and Educational Technology, History, the Arts, and Humanities.

Centers and Collaborations:

Center for Heritage Resource Studies

Chesapeake Watershed Cooperating Ecosystems Study Unit (CESU)

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