Partnership Overview: UMD and NASA

The University of Maryland and NASA have established a close research relationship, much in part thanks to the close proximity of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md., to the College Park campus. In 2010, UMD and NASA-Goddard signed a memorandum of understanding that created a strong and important partnership between the two organizations. The agreement provided greater reciprocal access to the personnel and the facilities of each organization and allow easier identification, development, and implementation of future partnerships. Joint, collaborative research activities have included space-based science; engineering research and development; bio-sciences; earth sciences, and education. The partnership was also designed to help NASA-Goddard attract and retain scientific and engineering talent, including graduate students, post-doctoral research associates as well as full-time scientists and engineers. UMD is among the top sources of future employee recruits of any university in the country for NASA.

Centers and Collaborations:

Center for Research and Exploration in Space Science & Technology (CRESST)

Joint Global Carbon Cycle Center

International Space Station (ISS) Cosmic Ray Energetics and Mass (CREAM)


UMD, NASA to Launch GEDI to Study Forest Changes on Earth

Earth System Science Interdisciplinary Center at UMD Signs $64.8M Cooperative Agreement with NASA

UMD, NASA Study Suggests Carbon Content of Temperate Forests Overestimated

UMD Forest-Mapping Instrument for Space Station Passes Major Milestone

New Horizons Reveals Pluto’s Striking Surface Variations & Unique Moon Rotations

University of Maryland Researchers Accept NASA Mission: Build a Better Battery for Space Exploration

UMD/NASA Goddard Instrument to Fly on Space Station

What's Next for the Rosetta Mission and Comet Exploration (Wired)

UMD Scientists Analyze Comet as Robotic Probe Lands on It

UMERC's Advanced Energy Storage Technology Selected by NASA

UMD/NASA Goddard Instrument to Fly on Space Station

UMD-Led Deep Impact Ends, Leaves Bright Comet Tale

UMD, NASA-Goddard Create Joint Global Carbon Cycle Center



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