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Grand Challenges Grants News


June 2024

New Flood Sensors Give Real-Time Data at Annapolis City Dock

June 12, 2024


Charles County and Partners Celebrate Maryland HydroNet Launch

June 8, 2024


UMD Leads Sensor Project to Cast a Wide ‘Net’ to Predict, Prepare for Floods 

June 7, 2024


‘We can’t turn our back on rising sea levels’: New Maryland Sensors Measure Flooding in Real Time (WTOP News)

June 6, 2024


New Sea-level Sensors Aim to Provide Annapolis with Better Flood Data (Baltimore Sun)

June 6, 2024


Stormwater Hits D.C.’s Poorest Neighborhoods Hardest, UMD Study Finds 

June 3, 2024


May 2024

Terrapin EdTalk: How to Support Asian American Students Who Experience Racism and Mental Health Challenges

May 3, 2024


President Pines Takes a ‘Do Good’ Tour, Gets Close-up View of Researchers Tackling Grand Challenges 

May 1, 2024


April 2024

City of Annapolis & University of Maryland Deploy Water Level Monitoring System

April 30, 2024


The New Frontier of Microbiome Science: Computational Challenges and Solutions

April 12, 2024


Academia Willing to Help with Blueprint Education Reform Plan (Maryland Matters)

April 11, 2024


UMD Launches Institute Focused on Ethical AI Development

April 9, 2024


A Campus-wide Commitment to Advancing Ethical Artificial Intelligence: Q&A with Jing Liu

April 9, 2024


To Gauge Maryland’s Drinking Water Quality, Researchers Tap Into the Public

April 8, 2024


March 2024

Alum’s Gifts Support Maryland Democracy Initiative

March 28, 2024


Researcher’s Pacific Dive Spurred Innovations in Robotics with Machine Intelligence to Create Biodegradable Plastic Substitutes

March 26, 2024


New Program to Help Add Civic Engagement Into Courses Across UMD

March 25, 2024


MDI Partners Join USM in their Work to Help Students Serve as Nonpartisan Poll Workers in the 2024 Election

March 20, 2024


EPA Awards Nearly $1.2M to Student Teams for Innovative Solutions to Environmental and Public Health Challenges: Guangbin Li 

March 14, 2024


Is It 100% Safe to Drink Tap Water? Here's the Truth

March 13, 2024


UMD Grand Challenges Team Trains Teachers on Youth Mental Health in Rural Honduras

March 6, 2024


MILE Celebrates Day of Giving With Book Drive for Local Students

March 6, 2024


February 2024

Solving the Mystery of the Vapor Plumes on Campus

February 26, 2024


Urban Equity Collaborative Launches First Cohort of the Community Fellows Program

February 23, 2024

UMD Students Share Child Welfare, Education Policy Priorities at Advocacy Event 

February 16, 2024


January 2024

On Nepal Research Trip, Graduate Students Strive for Solutions for Food, Energy, Water 

January 26, 2024

Advancing Climate Resilience in Maryland 

January 24, 2024

Researchers Develop Online Platform to Improve, Expand Instrumental Education

January 12, 2024

UMD Leads Projects Aimed at Career Support, Accessibility for People with Disabilities (Insight Into Diversity)

January 2, 2024



December 2023

What's Really in Your Drinking Water? UMD Study Aims To Find Out (WMAR)

December 29, 2023


Safeguarding Every Drop: UMD Research Aims to Catalog Drinking Water Contaminants Statewide

December 13, 2023


Units Across UMD Partner on Multidisciplinary Initiatives for AI Ethics, Accessible Technology, and Literacy

December 7, 2023


“Equitable, Trusted Partnerships” for Racial and Social Justice in Education

December 7, 2023


Jonathan Lazar Gives Closing Keynote Speech About the Born-Accessible Model at the INTERACT Conference

December 5, 2023


Grand Challenges Q&A: Artificial Intelligence, Human Values

December 4, 2023


Grand Challenges Q&A: The Potential of Artificial Intelligence to Empower Teachers and Advance Equity

December 4, 2023


Grand Challenges Q&A: A Strong Democracy for a More Fair and Just Society

December 1, 2023


November 2023

UMD-Hosted Summit Mobilizes Youth Voters for 2024 Election

(November 30, 2023)


An Innovative Initiative to Increase Literacy and Equity in Maryland

November 16, 2023


MDI and Its Civic Partners Provide Opportunities to Forge Student Connections to College Park Elected Officials

November 14, 2023


A New Way to Make Digital Technology Accessible to All

November 13, 2023


Partnership Between UMD Researchers and Nonprofit Group Addresses Latino Community's Mental Health Needs

November 6, 2023


Grand Challenges Grant Q&A: How Education Can Help Us Prepare for the Next Pandemic

November 6, 2023


October 2023

UMD, State Officials Turn on First Tower of Statewide Weather Warning System

October 31, 2023


First of More Than 70 New Maryland Weather Stations Installed in Howard County (Baltimore Sun)

October 31, 2023


Grand Challenges: MIDA Informs Public Policy on Technology Accessibility for People With Disabilities

October 24, 2023


Stephanie Valencia-Valencia Explores How Large Language Models Can Accommodate People with Disabilities

October 23, 2023


Maryland Democracy Initiative Contributes to State and National Leadership on Civic and Service Learning

October 22, 2023


UMD Researchers Creating Video-Calling Platform For Inclusive Workplace Communication

October 20, 2024


UMD Professors Launch Collective to Assist Communities, Activists with Urban Equity Issues (The Diamondback)

October 13, 2023


UMD Tech Tool Aims to Make Workplaces More Inclusive for Autistic People

October 12, 2023


A University-Community Partnership to Help Latinx Immigrant Youth Thrive

October 12, 2023


The Big Lessons That Can Be Learned from A Tiny Maryland Food Forest: The Global FEWture Alliance (WTOP)

October 10, 2023


Maryland Schools Taught Reading the Wrong Way for Decades. That’s Starting to Change. (Baltimore Banner)

October 10, 2023


Jing Liu and Wei Ai Part of $1.5M NSF Grant to Improve Middle-Grade Math Education with AI

October 6, 2023


Grand Challenges: Newly-Launched Urban Equity Collaborative Hosts Open House

October 5, 2023


September 2023

UMD Researchers Advance 'Game Changer' Project Predicting Acute Malnutrition

September 23, 2023


UMD Researchers Help Hyattsville’s Food Forests Look to the ‘FEWture’

September 22, 2023


UMD Celebrates Launch of the Maryland Initiative for Literacy and Equity

September 21, 2023


“Inclusive Excellence” Takes Center Stage in Vibrant Democracy and Education Dialogue

September 19, 2023


Recent Study Finds People with Dementia Use Changing Information Behaviors when Seeking Health Information

September 19, 2023


An Ally for Access: Palm-sized Robot Navigates Touchscreens for Visually Impaired Users

September 15, 2023


Grand Challenges Team Meets With County Stakeholders

September 13, 2023

July 2023

Colleges Must Embrace Accessibility Post-Pandemic, Say Experts (Ed Scoop)

July 25, 2023


Preventing A Poultry Pandemic

(July 2023)


Maryland Initiative for Digital Accessibility (MIDA) Launches

July 21, 2023


Tackling Childhood Literacy: A Grand Challenge

July 14, 2023


June 2023

Improving Fairness in Classrooms Through Machine Learning

June 7, 2023


May 2023

Using Machine Learning for Equitable Weather Forecasting in a Changing Climate

May 8, 2023


April 2023

Rising to a Grand Challenge: Climate-Related Disasters, Farming Crises

April 26, 2023


Rising to a Grand Challenge: Food, Energy, and Water in a Changing Climate

April 12, 2023


March 2023

Rising to a Grand Challenge: Childhood Literacy

March 28, 2023


February 2023

University of Maryland Awards $30 Million to Projects Addressing Humanity’s Grand Challenges

February 16, 2023


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