COI Frequently Asked Questions

Conflict of Interest
When to Use KCOI
Complete a Disclosure
Disclosure Review Process
Resolving or Managing Conflicts
Collaborating with a Non-Federal Sponsor
Policies and Procedures
Frequently Asked Questions

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About the disclosure process:

» How do I edit my disclosure?

» How do I update or revise a COI Disclosure in KCOI?

» How do I assign a delegate?

» I am assigned as a delegate. What do I do?

» When does the COI committee meet?

» Who must approve my disclosure?

» Why must I update my conflict of interest disclosure form when I already have a management plan in place?

» Why does my management plan require that I disclose my COI for publications and presentations?

» How do I create filters in KCOI?

About the COI training course:

» Is there a required COI training course I need to take?

About FCOI:

» What is the definition of Financial Interest?

» What is a Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI)?

» What is a Significant FCOI?

» How does a Subrecipient without a FCOI policy submit a disclosure under UMD’s policy?

Management plans and disclosing in presentations and publications:

» Why does my management plan require that I disclose my COI to all working on my project?

» How should I disclose my outside interest in publications and presentations?

» How should I disclose my outside interest to my research team and collaborators?

Working with Companies:

» I have an award from the Maryland Industrial Partnerships (MIPS) program. Is there something special for these projects?

» I want to collaborate with a company. What do I need to consider?  

» If I have a management plan, may UMD students work at my company?




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