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Grand Challenges: Anti-Black Racism Initiative

Grant Type: Team Project Grant
Topics: Racial and Social Justice
Colleges Represented: BSOS, ARHU, EDUC, SPHL

Grand Challenges Grants Program


This project builds upon the state of Maryland’s legacy of racial equity and social justice through three strategic and institutional initiatives: 1) develop faculty-student cross departmental anti-Black racism focused research projects; 2) develop and execute anti-Black racism teach-in workshops for faculty, staff, students, and community members, and 3) present research findings to the wider campus and local community through an annual symposia and networking event. These three interconnected and innovative projects will amplify the new anti-Black racism (ABR) minor (beginning Fall 2023), hosted by five colleges at UMD: College of Behavioral and Social Sciences, College of Arts and Humanities, College of Education, School of Public Health, and School of Public Policy. The ABRI will produce multi-disciplinary and transformative scholarship that advances conversations on anti-Black racism, equip faculty to teach with an anti-Black racism lens to further diversify the academic curriculum at the University, and create a larger anti-racist ecosystem to ensure the University of Maryland is at the forefront of moving toward an anti-Black racist future.

Team Members:

PI: Jeanette Snider (BSOS), Assistant Research Professor, Sociology and Adjunct Professor at the Robert H. Smith School of Business

Rashawn Ray (BSOS), Professor, Sociology

Kimberly Griffin (EDUC), Professor and Dean, College of Education

Psyche Williams-Forson (ARHU), Professor and Chair, American Studies

Ashley Newby (BSOS), Lecturer and Undergraduate Director, African American Studies

Craig Fryer (SPHL), Associate Professor and Interim Chair, Behavioral and Community Health

John Drabinski (BSOS/ARHU), Professor, African American Studies and English
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