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Independent Scholarship, Research and Creativity Awards (ISRCA)

The Provost and the Vice President for Research invite applications for the Independent Scholarship, Research, and Creativity Awards (ISRCA)  -  a new funding opportunity to support faculty pursuing independent scholarly and/or creative projects. Funds of up to $10,000 per award will support semester teaching release, summer salary, and/or research related expenses.

This program is designed to support the professional advancement of faculty engaged in scholarly and creative pursuits that use historical, humanistic, interpretive, or ethnographic approaches; explore aesthetic, ethical, and/or cultural values and their roles in society; conduct critical or rhetorical analyses; engage in archival and/or field research; or develop or produce creative works. Awardees will be selected based on peer review of the quality of the proposed project, the degree to which the project will lead to the applicant’s professional advancement, and the potential academic and societal impact of the project. 

Deadline: 5pm on Monday, October 30, 2023

Applications will be accepted through the UMD InfoReady Portal

ISRCA - Letter of Support Template (DOCX)

Please direct any questions about the program to Eric Chapman, Associate Vice President for Research.

Punished in Plain Sight: Women’s Experiences on Probation in Maryland

Rachel Ellis, Assistant Professor, Criminology & Criminal Justice (BSOS)


Eternity Made Tangible

Jennifer Barclay, Associate Professor, Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies (ARHU)


Slash: M/M Fan Fiction and the Politics of Fantasy

Alexis Lothian, Associate Professor, Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (ARHU)


Visualizing the Royal Steward's Inscriptions: From Jerusalem to London

Matthew Suriano, Associate Professor, The Meyerhoff Center for Jewish Studies (ARHU)


The Future of Rwanda's Past: History and Historians After Genocide

Erin Mosely, Assistant Professor, History (ARHU)


Nile Nightshade: Tomatoes and the Making of Modern Egypt

Anny Gaul, Assistant Professor School of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures (ARHU)


How Can Participatory Budgeting Enhance the Voice of Underrepresented Minorities?

Juan Martinez Guzman, Assistant Professor, Public Policy (SPP)


Scoping Review of Interventions for African American Boys Who Experience Internalizing Symptoms

Rabiatu Barrie, Assistant Professor, Family Science (SPH)


Political Centralization in Pakistan’s Canal Colonies

Cory Smith, Assistant Professor, Agricultural and Resource Economics (AGNR)


Sometimes the Light

Maud Casey, Professor, English (ARHU)


Innovative Modeling to Preserve Architectural Heritage

Joseph Williams, Assistant Professor, Architecture (ARCH)


A New Kind of Progressive: How Poles, Venezuelans, and Germans Reimagined Latin America

Piotr Kosicki, Associate Professor, History (ARHU)


The Marvelous Illusion: Morton Feldman's The Viola in My Life 1-4

Thomas DeLio, Professor, Music (ARHU)


Analyzing the Content of President Biden’s COVID-19 Twitter Communications

Hector Alcala, Assistant Professor, Behavioral and Community Health (SPH)


Romanian Roots - A Digital Platform to Promote Romanian Music

Irina Muresanu, Associate Professor, Music (ARHU)

  • In References We Trust? A History of Peer Review in the Sciences

    Melinda Baldwin, Associate Professor, ARHU-History

  • Landscape Memories, migration, and commons management in forest systems

    Madeline Brown, Assistant Professor, BSOS-Anthropology

  • Radical Lens: The Photographs of Nancy Shia

    Nancy Mirabal, Associate Professor, ARHU-American Studies

  • Navigating Prolonged Legal Limbo: Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Recipients in the D.C. Metro Region

    Christina Getrich, Associate Professor, BSOS-Anthropology

  • Kippax Colonoware Sourcing and Trade Study

    Donald Linebaugh, Professor, ARCH-Historic Preservation

  • Embodied Afterlives: Performing Love Suicide in Early Modern Japan

    Jyana Browne, Assistant Professor, ARHU-SLLC

  • Selective: Data, Power, and the Fight over Fit in Organizational Life

    Daniel Greene, Assistant Professor, INFO

  • Sensing God: Embodied Poetics and Somatic Epistemology in Medieval Persian Sufi Literature

    Matthew Miller, Assistant Professor, ARHU-Persian/SLLC

  • Korean Immigrant Pioneers and Intergenerational Mobility Prospects in the DC Region

    Julie Park, Associate Professor, BSOS-Sociology and Asian Amer Studies

  • Cool Fratricide: Murder and Metaphysics in Black and Indigenous U.S. Literature

    Chad Infante, Assistant Professor, ARHU-English

  • Moroccan Jews between Morocco and Israel, 1948-1962

    Shay Hazkani, ARHU-History and Jewish Studies

  • The Politics of Outbreak Response: The Evolution and Effectiveness of WHO’s International Health Regulations

    Catherine Worsnop, SPP-School of Public Policy

  • Nativism and the New Immigrant in Coal Country, USA

    Paul Shackel, BSOS-Anthropology

  • Wars R Us: Violence and Identity in the U.S., the Middle East, and Russia After the Cold War

    Valerie Anishchenkova, ARHU-Arabic/Film Studies/SLLC

  • Afterlives of AIDS: Oral histories of Black women living and aging with HIV

    Thurka Sangaramoorthy, BSOS-Anthropology

  • ‘Relatable Meets Remarkable’: Crafting Race in the Reality Television Industry

    Eva Hageman, ARHU- American Studies and Harriet Tubman Department of Women Gender and Sexuality studies

  • The First Freedom Riders: Streetcars and Street Fights in Jim Crow New York

    Richard Bell, ARHU-History

  • Picturing Resilience: A Photo-Elicitation Study of High-Achieving Black Undergraduate Students’ Community Cultural Wealth in the COVID-19 Era

    Jennifer Turner, EDUC-Teaching and Learning, Policy and Leadership

  • Game On: Boxing, Race, and Masculinity

    Jordana Saggese, ARHU-Art History and Archaeology

  • Teaching Slavery and Settlement: Plantation Pedagogy in Currents of Conquest

    Bayley Marquez, ARHU-American Studies

  • Conundrum of Loyalty: Dynasty, Governance, and Political Allegiance in Imperial Russia, 1850-1900

    Mikhai Dolbilovl, ARHU-History

  • Django Generations: Ethnorace, Citizenship, and Jazz Manouche in France

    Siv Lie, ARHU-School of Music

  • Funding Black Power: Race, Philanthropy and the Politics of Social Impact

    Claire Dunning, SPP-School of Public Policy

  • One Driver, One Mic: How Immigrant Taxi Drivers Formed a Coop to Take on Uber, Lyft and the Taxi Industry

    Krishnan Vasudevan, JOUR-Philip Merrill College of Journalism

  • Bureaucracy at the Border: The Fragmentation of Foreign Policy

    Shannon Carcelli, BSOS-Government and Politics

  • Identifying Crime Hot Spots: A Multi-source Investigation of Crime Distribution in Peterborough, England

    Lauren Porter, BSOS-Criminology & Criminal Justice

  • Understanding the Social Reception of Proposed Energy Infrastructure in the Developing World

    Jennifer Hadden, BSOS-Government and Politics

  • The Twitter Presidency: Who Trump Talks About, How He Talks About Them, and Why It Matters

    Sarah Croco, BSOS-Government and Politics

  • Anthropogenic: The Cultural Heritage of Climate Change

    Kathryn Lafrenz Samuels, BSOS-Anthropology

  • Deportation's Aftermath: Little LA and Making a Life in Exile

    Perla Guerrero, ARHU-American Studies

  • Hannes Meyer, Post-Revolutionary Mexico, and the Poetics of Place and Displacement

    Ryan Long, ARHU-School of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

  • Empire and the Black Pacific: A Record of the Darker Races

    Edlie Wong, ARHU-English

  • Fabricating Catullus: Catullus' Reception by Postmodern Women

    Katherine Wasdin, ARHU-Classics

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