International Research Initiatives

International Research Initiatives

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Borderless Research Administration Knowledge Exchange (BRAKE)

The University of Maryland is taking a unique, proactive approach to overcoming barriers to enhancing international partnerships by dedicating valuable resources to streamlining administrative functions. These efforts are intended to facilitate research collaborations by reducing administrative obstacles for researchers and strengthening our position as a top tier global research institution by encouraging joint proposal endeavors, research administration, and researcher exchange programs. The Division of Research developed an administrative training program titled Borderless Research Administration Knowledge Exchange (BRAKE) that focuses on engaging international institutions as strategic cohorts concentrated on building expertise in the management and oversight of U.S. federal funding. To date, UMD has engaged in onsite training with global research partners in locations across the world, including Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Denmark, Israel, the Netherlands, Mexico, and South America.

As a result of these exchanges, which not only include training in research administration and responsible conduct of research (including research integrity and research ethics for researchers and research administrators) but also an in-depth assessment of the host institutions’ administrative infrastructure, UMD is positioning itself as a leader in the field of research administration and builds a solid global reputation as one of a culture of compliance with all federal regulations.

UMD works with international partner institutions to develop a global research administrative framework to streamline the processing of proposals, agreements, and projects. This work includes:

BRAKE Workshop Photo
BRAKE Workshop in Jerusalem, January 2016
BRAKE Workshops - Total Trained by Country
  • Coordinating the U21 Research Collaboration Group to develop best practices and standards for international research projects
  • Actively promoting the exchange of research administrative staff with partner institutions
  • Learning and sharing best practices with other institutions

UMD also identifies research themes with international partners that are aligned with UMD strategic research areas, selecting opportunities where there is transnational need for both impact and a collaborative approach. UMD works with partners to:

  • Provide seed funding for international research workshops to stimulate ideas and collaborations
  • Actively promote and advance research themes of mutual interest to international partners 

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BRAKE At A Glance
  • Total Trained: 1,425
    • Most training workshops held at U21 universities
    • Countries: 18
    • Continents: 6
  • Workshop Topics:
    • Uniform Guidance
    • Foreign Applications to NIH
    • Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR)
    • Research Administration
BRAKE World Map


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