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DEA License Information


This information applies ONLY to new researchers at the University of Maryland College Park. Inquiries from individuals not affiliated with the University of Maryland College Park will not be answered. If you are looking for information on obtaining a DEA license and you are NOT affiliated with the University of Maryland College Park, please follow this link

At the University of Maryland, each new investigator who wishes to use controlled substances must apply for BOTH a state and federal license.

How to Apply

Documents for applications are available on the respective registration websites:

Maryland (see "CDS Application"). Questions specifically about the application process for the State of Maryland license should be addressed to the Maryland Department of Health, Office of Controlled Substances at this link.

Federal (see "Registration"). Questions specifically about the application process for the Federal license should be addressed to the U.S. Department of Justice, Diversion Control Division at this link.

Step One:

Apply for a Maryland State Controlled Dangerous Substances Registration (CDS) with the Office of Controlled Substances Administration (OCSA).

  1. Complete the OCSA Researcher Questionnaire
  2. Complete the 3-year practitioner application form
    Be sure to:
    • select Research and appropriate schedule (I - V)
    • For University of Maryland College Park researchers, Denise Clark is currently the certifying official for the fee-exempt status for both the Maryland Department of Health Office of Controlled Substance Administration Controlled Dangerous Substances (CDS) Registration/Renewals and the Federal DEA Registration/Renewals. Please ensure that the appropriate contact information is provided on the forms:

      UMD College Park Fee-Exempt Certifying Official: Denise Clark
      Title: Associate Vice President for Research Administration
      Institution name: University of Maryland
      Division/Department: Division of Research
      Institution Business Address: Office of the Vice President for Research, 2133 Lee Bldg, 7809 Regents Dr., College Park, MD 20742-1541
      Phone number: 301-405-4282
      Email Address:
    • provide physical address where drugs will be used
    • list federal DEA license as "pending"
    • fill out all other requested information

As a researcher, you are not a "prescriber" and do not need to register with the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program. 

Step Two:

Once State of Maryland license is approved, apply for a Federal DEA license (you will need your state license number).

First-time applications for Researchers should complete the online DEA Form 225 to apply for the signature required to waive fees for the federal application. (Again, Denise Clark is the fee exempt certifying official.) Please see Form 225 and Instructions for 225.

You will be asked to complete the Federal DEA Researcher Questionnaire after you have submitted the application.

Common Controlled Substances

Controlled Substance Schedule DEA Code
Pentobarbital (e.g., Nembutal) II N 2270
Phenytoin/pentobarbital (trade name Beuthanasia-D) III N 2271
Diazepam IV N 2765
Methyltestosterone (17alpha-methyl-17betahydroxyandrost-4-en-3-one) III N 4000
Ketamine III N 7285
Buprenorphine III Y 9064

Controlled Substances on Maryland List (Not on DEA List of Controlled Substances)

Controlled Substance Schedule
1-(1-phenylcyclohexyl) piperidine C-II
Chlorotestosterone C-III
Dihydrocodeinone < or = 15mg per dosage unit C-III
Dihydrotestosterone C-III
Methandrostenolone C-III
Opium < or = 100mg per 100Gm or 100ml or not more than 5mg per dosage unit C-III
Stanolone C-III
Mazindol C-III (DEA C-IV)
Pentazocine C-III (DEA C-IV)
Butalbital, Acetaminophen, caffeine C-III Fioricet
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