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Reporting Animal Welfare Concerns and Non-Compliance

University System of Maryland Reporting Resources

Employees, students and other members of the University System of Maryland (USM) community are strongly encouraged to communicate suspected fraud or other financial irregularities to appropriate authorities.

At the USM Fraud Reporting Hotline and via telephone "Hotline" (1-877-330-2320), members of the USM community may report such concerns. This user-friendly process is both anonymous and confidential. It is designed to deter and detect fraud, unethical business practices, and financial irregularities at USM institutions.
In addition to the portal and hotline, reports of fraud may be submitted to a fax number and mailing address. A full summary of contact information for all of these channels follows at the bottom.
We encourage anyone familiar with any fraud, misuse or misappropriation of USM resources to use the Web portal, hotline and other channels to confidentially and anonymously report suspected fraud so that it may be appropriately investigated.

For more information see the USM Communication Channels for Anonymous, Confidential Reporting of Fraud.

University System of Maryland anonymous reporting hotline (toll-free): 1-877-330-2320

Office of Internal Audit anonymous reporting online form

Download and read: 2014 Memorandum on Communicating Animal Care and Use Concerns (PDF)

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