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The University of Maryland is an established powerhouse of quantum discovery and innovation. With over 200 researchers on campus, partnerships with government laboratories, strong connections with industry and an international research network, UMD and its partners are leading the United States and global community into a quantum future.

Jump-started more than 15 years ago by a research partnership with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), scientists at UMD have advanced the frontiers of the quantum realm, which exists at nature’s tiniest scale. Here, in this almost invisible arena, particles like atoms, electrons and photons behave in surprising ways that have captured the imagination of scientists worldwide.

Today, the field of quantum research has reached an inflection point and is moving beyond laboratory physics. Scientists are now putting exotic quantum physics to work, overcoming crucial societal challenges. UMD is at the forefront of this pivotal transition, and its quantum programs have  expanded to include computer science, engineering and materials science- sparking synergy to fulfill the promise of quantum technology. 

Partnerships are vital to maintaining UMD’s renowned programs and its leadership in this fast-changing field. Built on a foundation of success, UMD has formed the Maryland Quantum Alliance, a regional consortium of scientists across academia, national laboratories and industry. Together, this consortium will continue to lead the quantum revolution.

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With $1.1 billion in annual research expenditures, the University of Maryland research enterprise ranks 8th among all U.S. public institutions.