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The University of Maryland (UMD) is one of the premier research institutions in the United States and in the world. UMD has longstanding research strengths across a broad array of disciplines, and is one of only a handful of universities in the world to appear in the top 25 in Physics, Engineering, Computer Science, Business and Economics, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, and the Social Sciences, according to the Academic Ranking of Worldwide Universities.

UMD research addresses the most serious global challenges we currently face, and places the highest emphasis upon innovation. Our location near the nation’s capital and in the vibrant state of Maryland infuses everything we do and accomplish as a university, maximizes the impact of our research, offers our students and faculty a wide range of opportunities, and keeps our researchers focused on the most urgent and important global problems.

UMD research centers are helping our nation address important global problems like terrorism, cybersecurity, expedient and reliable drug evaluation, food safety, and climate change policy by putting science behind the processes of how we approach and develop solutions to these problems. Government officials who oversee the nation’s approach to these important global issues are only a metro ride away from our College Park campus.

Innovation and entrepreneurship are also emphasized in our research programs, so that we seek not only to make a societal impact and help human lives, but also advance economic development, and transform ideas into innovations that fuel growth.

Among other innovations, University of Maryland alumni have given the world:


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Did You Know

The average high school weighted GPA for entering freshmen at UMD is 4.21.