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Research Participant Payment Solutions Matrix

For all studies involving human research subjects, an approved IRB protocol is required. An MOU between the department, College, and Controller’s Office must be executed, and a copy of the IRB approval, and consent form must be kept on file with the MOU. All IRB guidance, including relevant forms, can be found on the main IRB page.

Participant Payment documents can be found on the IRB Forms page.

NOTE: per the State of Maryland regulations, PCards cannot be used to purchase gift cards directly. (This includes using gift card companies like Gifthub and Tango.) Disbursement of cash directly to participants via Venmo, PayPal, Zelle, etc., is not allowable at this point. Questions about the matrix below or other compensation/incentives solutions can be directed to the human subjects working group.

Research Participant Payment Solutions Matrix

Participant Incentives Reimbursement Form

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