UMD Grants Exclusive License of Seed-Based NutritionTechnology to Rain International LLC

UMD Grants Exclusive License of Seed-Based NutritionTechnology to Rain International LLC

COLLEGE PARK, Md. – Rain International LLC, the seed-powered health company, has licensed a patent application related to the use of seed-based nutrition from the University of Maryland’s College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, a leader in food science discovery and technology. The inventor of this technology is Liangli (Lucy) Yu, Ph.D., an established researcher in food chemistry and molecular human nutrition. 

“Academic industry agreements like this one between the University of Maryland and Rain International are a great example of transferring new technologies from the laboratory bench to the market, bringing these discoveries to consumers,” said  Kenneth Porter, Ph.D., Director, UM Ventures, College Park.

“This opportunity we have, to leverage and utilize these new technologies and discoveries from the University of Maryland, is something that is unique to our company,” said Byron Belka, the CEO and Founder of Rain International. “It’s going to improve the way we do things in an enormous way, which, consequently, will improve the lives and lifestyles of others in the process.”

Yu’s work is unique because it adds value to seed flour which is normally a waste product.  She has investigated the nutritional value of seed flour in gut microbiota modulation, reducing oxidative stress and inflammation to reduce the risk of obesity and chronic human diseases. This is just one example of her award-winning research in value-added development of nutraceuticals and functional foods from agricultural products and by-products—work focused on.  improving human health and enhancing the profitability and sustainability of modern agricultural and food systems. Her group also researches food safety chemistry focusing on processing-induced toxicants and non-targeted determination of food adulterations. 

Rain International broke into the health market in 2011, beginning with a seed-sourced supplement to improve the health of people all across the world. Since then, Rain International has expanded its seed-powered products, advancing seed science, social commerce, health, and fitness

“We are incredibly interested to see what this unique relationship offers to the health world, and to all those who benefit from what’s created as a byproduct of this agreement,” added Belka.

“We are pleased to provide the opportunity for Rain International to use this technology,” said  Yu. “We believe our technology has the potential to open new avenues for developing novel, edible seeds-based nutraceutical, supplemental and functional food products for reducing the risk of aging-associated chronic human diseases.”

Hemi Chopra, Ph.D., Innovation Manager, UM Ventures, said, “We look forward to a successful relationship between the University of Maryland and Rain International LLC.  One of the goals of UM Ventures is to attract industry to take university technologies to the market, like the one Rain International has licensed from the University, making a product to help consumers lead a healthier life.”

UM Ventures, the technology transfer initiative of University of Maryland, College Park, commercializes University of Maryland’s breakthrough discoveries, fueling technology licenses, the creation of innovative start-up companies and attracting industry leaders and entrepreneurs to the university. Researchers at the University of Maryland have created hundreds of engineering, bioengineering and life science innovations that are available for licensing. The university’s Discovery Portfolio offers a mix of cutting-edge technologies, including electrical, mechanical and computer engineering, nano and quantum technologies, information sciences, plant sciences, biological sciences, vaccines, and gene editing systems to make a quantifiable impact on human wellbeing. These internationally recognized departments provide a robust pipeline of more than 200 new innovations each year. Visit the complete portfolio at

About Rain International

Rain International is the original creator of seed-based nutrition. Our experts have gone to the source of plant nutrition to formulate products proven to support healthy lives. Rain International is more than the products we sell. From the beginning, we set out to make changes to improve the world around us starting with the health industry and moving beyond its borders into global sustainability, education initiatives, elevated lifestyles, and more. We believe that the ultimate human experience we all crave is within everyone’s reach, and we don’t mind leading the way. For more info please visit

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October 2, 2020

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