Compliance Checks

Prior to conducting work under sponsored projects for research involving animals, Researchers are required to obtain evidence that the proposed project has been reviewed and approved by the UMD IACUC. Some sponsors of these projects require such evidence prior to issuing an award to the University. In all cases, the work described must be covered under an existing, IACUC-approved protocol that specifically addresses the animal research activities that will be carried out under the award. Totally new lines of investigation require a new protocol, while less divergent new projects may require only an amendment to an existing protocol. (Please contact the IACUC office if uncertain.)

In order to establish an account to access funds for a new sponsored award that involves animal research, the Contract Administrator in ORA contacts the PI and the IACUC office to obtain:

  1. an active UMD protocol number (e.g., R-XXX-XX-XX) and
  2. confirmation from the IACUC administrator that the new research is appropriately covered by this protocol.

PIs must submit a copy of the proposal to IRBnet, so that the IACUC administrator can perform an assessment of congruency or “compliance check.” PIs will receive an email from the IACUC office that states:

“In order to process this request, we need the following:

  1. The IACUC protocol approval number(s) and title(s) that is/are expected to cover the work described in the proposal.
  2. A copy of the grant proposal, uploaded to the IRBnet protocol project as a separate package.

If more than one protocol covers the proposed work, the PI should highlight those portions of the grant proposal that pertain to the individual protocol and include that information in the email (For example: highlighted in blue, R-JAN-20-00; highlighted yellow R-FEB-21-00).”

Once congruency has been confirmed, the IACUC administrator will send a notice to the Contract Administrator and the PI, typically within 24-48hrs.


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