Approval Process


All new animal research protocols, renewals, and amendments to protocols (with a couple of exceptions) must be reviewed by one of two equally acceptable methods: Full Committee Review (FCR), and Designated Member Review (DMR). There is no “expedited review” option for items submitted for review by the IACUC, however it is generally true that the DMR process takes somewhat less time than FCR. Below is a flow diagram depicting the process of approval for items sent to FCR, with approximate processing times. Note: each submission is different, and many factors influence time to approval, so individual processing times will vary. Response time by the PI is often a significant contributor to overall time to approval.






Full Committee Review
Typically, new protocols, protocol renewals, and complex amendments are sent for FCR. These must be submitted by the first of each month to be considered by the IACUC at the monthly meeting. Below is a diagrammatic representation of the FCR process, with deadlines and approximate time to approval.

Designated Member Review
Amendments are typically, but not always, sent out for DMR (check with the IACUC office if you are unsure). All DMR items are assigned to at least two members of the committee for review, and are shared with the entire committee on IRBnet. Per our assurance In general, members are given 3 calendar days to call the item to FCR, if they so choose. (A committee member may call any protocol or amendment to full committee review at any time.) Once the callback date has passed and the reviewers have submitted comments, the PI will be notified regarding any requests for modifications, see diagram below.




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