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How to review and comment on a disclosure:

Navigate to the disclosure using the link provided in the email you receive or click here

On the navigation bar on the left, you can:

  1. View disclosures: provides overview of all disclosures in your workgroup/unit regardless of approval status  
  2. Review disclosures: provides disclosures awaiting review

To review the disclosures, click Review Disclosures to take action on disclosures.

  • Read the disclosure carefully, viewing all notations, checkboxes, and entity information if provided. 
  • Click “print” to see a preview of the full disclosure without having to click through multiple screens. 
  • Add comments for the COI admin team (as necessary). If no comments are added but disclosure is approved, it indicates concurrence with the information provided.

If a reporter (discloser) has multiple appointments, the Unit Head of the primary/tenure appointment will coordinate the review of the disclosure with the other units before providing final approval.

  • The COI administration's recommended course of action is to print (to pdf) the disclosure and to send it to other units for review. Upon completion, the reviewer (the Unit Head of the primary/tenure appointment) should add a comment in the disclosure to state, e.g., Other units have reviewed the disclosure, and the combined recommendation is to approve.
  • Contact if you have any questions.


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