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UMD AMA: Shark Tank Panel
Tuesday, April 13, 2021
7:00 p.m.
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On April 13th, beginning at 7PM, the UMD AMA will be hosting the Shark Tank Panel, where entrepreneurs who made deals with famous investors on ABC’s Shark Tank will discuss their Shark Tank experiences, as well as how marketing has played a role in their businesses and their experiences working with the Sharks since the show.


    • Fran Harris: Founder of Electra (partners with Barbara Corcoran)
      • Season 12, Episode 9
      • Fran is a former player on the first WNBA national championship team (Houston Comets) and captain of the 1986 University of Texas NCAA national basketball championship team (leading them to the NCAA’s first undefeated season at 34-0). She has been a sports commentator and sideline reporter for networks such as ESPN and Fox Sports, the host of HGTV’s show Home Rules, and much more. Her company Electra Beverages creates a natural, healthier sports drink that comes in three flavors: Passion Punch, Oh Yeah! Orange, and Litty Lemonade. She made a deal with Barbara Corcoran on season 12, episode 9 of Shark Tank.
    • Kim Meckwood: Founder of Click & Carry (partners with Mark Cuban and Barbara Corcoran)
      • Season 12, Episode 8
      • Holding the record for the most application attempts before getting onto Shark Tank (7 total), Kim is the founder and CEO of Click & Carry. Click & Carry is a convenient device to make handling grocery bags easier by allowing the option of hands free carrying and containing padding to protect your hands from where the bags would otherwise dig in. A Scranton native and current Los Angeles resident, she aims to get Click & Carry into the hands of urban dwellers all around the country to make grocery shopping easier. She made a deal with Mark Cuban and Barbara Corcoran on season 12, episode 8 of Shark Tank.
    • Emily Williams: Founder of Slice of Sauce (partners with Alex Rodriguez)
      • Season 12, Episode 10
      • Emily and her husband started Slice of Sauce to change the way the world consumes condiments. By removing the water from sauces such as ketchup, her company creates sauce slices in a consistency similar to that of the cheese you would put on a sandwich. By doing this, her product eliminates the mess of traditional sauces and made condiments more portable. She and her husband made a deal with guest shark and MLB superstar Alex Rodriguez on season 12, episode 10 of Shark Tank.
    • Wes LaPorte: Founder of PhoneSoap (partners with Lori Greiner)
      • Season 6, Episode 16
      • Did you know your cell phone can contains 18 times more bacteria than a public restroom??? Wes LaPorte does. Formerly in sales and project supervision, Wes founded PhoneSoap with his cousin to make it easier for people to charge and sanitize their phones by creating a device that does both simultaneously through UV light technology. The duo made a deal with Lori Greiner on season 6, episode 16 of Shark Tank.


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