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Managing and Increasing your Company's Intrinsic Valuation
Thursday, April 29, 2021
12:00 p.m.
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Managing and Increasing your Company's Intrinsic Valuation

Nigel Long, an experienced investment professional and successful entrepreneur will lead this workshop. Mr. Long defines Intrinsic Value as the value of a company's ongoing operations based on its expected level and certainty of future cash flows. Underlying factors driving intrinsic values also guide typical valuation approaches (e.g., Income Approach, Market Approach). By focusing on and effectively emphasizing these factors when communicating with prospective capital providers and acquirers, Founders and business owners can better position their companies for higher valuations.

While a brief overview of all of the various valuation approaches will be provided (and which ones are most applicable to a company's stage of development and the circumstances that triggered the valuation), primary focus will be on the underlying factors that drive intrinsic value.

Presenter: Nigel Long, Founder and Senior Managing Director, Trade Street Advisors 
When: April 29, 12:00-1:00 PM 


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