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Feedback from Workshop Participants

Uniform Guidance Workshops:

BRAKE Workshop

Uniform Guidance Workshop at UNSW, Sept. 2016

"An excellent and informative workshop to attend; Denise provided relevant and concise information on the new Uniform Guidance document for Federally funded grants."
– Grants Officer, UNSW

"Denise is a great speaker who is engaged and very knowledgeable. Thanks again for organising a most useful workshop on the U.S. Uniform Guidance."
– Associate Director, Research Integrity and Compliance

"Thank you for a wonderful and engaging workshop on Monday, Sept 12th at the INORMS congress."
– Research Manager, Australia

"An insightful presentation on U.S. grant funding rules and implications for foreign institutions. The explanation of the differences in terminology was particularly useful." 

BRAKE Workshop Photo
BRAKE Workshop in Jerusalem, January 2016

– Senior Manager, Research Partnerships, Australia

"On behalf of myself and all of the Bar-Ilan University participants, I once again want to thank both you for giving us such a wonderful and informative workshop when you visited Israel."
– Research Office, Israel


NIH Workshops:

"Excellent information was provided. They are very accessible and available for necessary assistance." 
– Professor, Mexico

"I attended an NIH workshop delivered by the University of Maryland, it provided tips and advice for applying to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) as a foreign organization. I found the workshop interesting and was surprised by how many NIH funding opportunities are available to universities outside of the USA. Beth and Rebecca are great presenters, very knowledgeable and make a great team."

UMD BRAKE Workshop
Rebecca Hunsaker (UMD) and Adrian Collins (Univ. of Melbourne) at INORMS 2016

– Lena Caruso, Senior Research Development Manager, UNSW Sydney

"It was a great pleasure to attend the wonderful workshop on NIH funds that you offered … to the group of researchers, administrators and collaborators of our Life Sciences programs. I liked it very much and obtained many valuable pieces of information, tips and approaches for achieving successful applications."
– Professor, Mexico




BRAKE Workshop in Jerusalem BRAKE at University College Cork
BRAKE Workshop in Jerusalem, January 2016

BRAKE team members Denise Clark (left) & Beth Brittan-Powell (right) with UCC President and former UMD VP for Research Patrick O'Shea (center) in Ireland, March 2017

BRAKE Team in Ireland BRAKE Workshop in Ireland
BRAKE team members Denise Clark (left) & Beth Brittan-Powell (right) in Ireland, March 2017
BRAKE Workshop at University College Dublin, March 2017




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